Our Story

Meet the faces of Six + Cypress, Abby & Kasey.  We are two everyday women juggling life, kids, and everything in between - just like you!   We each have a unique personality and style which is what makes HAND PICKING our clothing so much fun.  The entrepreneurial spirit is strong with us and we thrive on making our customers happy and seeing our clothing on women just like us!  Our name comes from the simple fact that when we formed in August of 2016 we had six children between us and we were neighbors living on a street with the word Cypress in it.  Since then we now have seven children between us (we will let the + sign represent the newest addition), and live in separate states - we talk multiple times a day and still love this journey.  We truly appreciate you checking out our inventory and hope you love what you see!

We owe any and ALL success to our shoppers and we thank each of you for helping make our visions reality!  - A + K