Trends You'll See for 2023 : Color, Patterns and Fits

Every year; new trends and styles hit the market and runways, and every year we get more and more excited for fresh fashion trends !! Some are oldies that have made a comeback and others are brand new. Whether it be colors, fabrics or fits this is what everyone is raging about for next year. Have a sneak peak into 2023 Fashion !! What will be trending next year? What hot patterns, colors and styles will we be seeing for Spring? Read on for to learn about 2023 Fashion trends worth looking into.



Take a look at a few colors you might be seeing in 2023. From muted colors to bright colors, you will find a unique color palette this upcoming year !!



Muted -  Grey Lilac, Leek Green & Macchiato


Bright - Beetroot, Empire Yellow & Tangelo 


 : Polka dots, Gingham & Watercolor

2022 had a lot of neutral colors and tones. Fashion took a very minimalistic turn and relied heavily on closet basics like oversized tees, tanks and loose fitting clothes. You might say it was two years straight of loungewear.. because it was.. While you will still see these trend, patterns are making their way back to our closets again. Polka dots are a cute and classic staple and can be seen pattern pairing with other textures and styles. Gingham is similar to a checkered look and is popping up on runways as chic silky sets. Um, cute… Watercolor is also another unique pattern that you will see. Printed on activewear and of course  all your favorite Spring dresses.
Mix and match your patterns for a fun playful look that will never go out of style !!
: Crew Sweaters, Pleated Skirts & White Collared Shirts
Think “Clue” and everything preppy and chic. Think bulky sweaters and pleated shirts. This Prep School style will be everywhere on the screens, runways and streets. If you love a tight sweater top and pleated skirt look, you are in luck !! You will be seeing crew neck sweaters over the V neck more in stores and pleated EVERYTHING !! From pleated trousers to pleated skirts and shorts- you’ll just have to give it a try in 2023 !! Don’t be scared, you might be surprised at the way pleats can look on you; they tend to be a very flattering fit !! Think Barbie, these classic preppy styles scream Barbie fashion and we are here for it !!
Another trend you have probably already started seeing for this Prep School look is the white collared button up shirt. Whether it be oversized or fitted, worn as a dress or a layering piece this one is a HOT TREND to stay !!
 : Tops, Dresses & Bottoms 
Popular in the 80’s, Sequins has come back around for us ! Get ready for sparkle and shine in every clothing store you walk into !! Pick out a sequin top and pair it with a solid color bottom or find a midi dress and pair with your favorite pumps. If you opt for sequin for your look, you will be sure to stand out among the crowd !! She is a sure attention getter.. You will see a lot of trending items in 2023 focus on throwbacks and statement pieces for your wardrobe , and the sequin material is certainly one of those statement pieces !!
Style Tip: Play with texture and pair your sequin top wither Faux leather for an edgy look.
 : Dresses, Tops, Bottoms & Jackets
Whether it be your bottoms or tops, VELVET IS LIFE. Hop on this hot velvet trend and pick up a cami or dress with this luxurious fabric. You will love the feel of velvet on you, there just isn’t anything like it.. A velvet dress is the cutest little dress to wear to your next dinner date with a leather jacket or blazer draped for a dramatic feel !! Velvet everything will soon be everywhere. Blazers are especially popular for velvet as well. Pick out your favorite band tee or graphic tee for a fun and playful look. Another trend you can anticipate is velvet hairbands ! HOW CUTE !!
If you are nervous about going for velvet, do you own any suede? Think of velvet as the sophisticated cousin of suede but still knows how to have a good time. 
 : Bottom hem, Shoulders & Sleeve Cuffs
Find it on your favorite jackets and sleeves !! This fashion trend is one that is here to stay, I don’t think it actually left but it certainly lingered and came back with vengeance !! You can find your favorite fridge details on western type jackets hanging from the shoulder or bottom seams. This can add the perfect movement to your look along with a fun texture !! A new trend that you will be sure to see is fringe on your sleeve cuffs as a throwback or homage to the 90’s fashion trends !! Channel your inner Christina and choose a long sleeve jacket with the classic shoulder fringe with a mini skirt. Nailed it. 
Fringe on your boots can also add a fun flare to your fringe loving looks !!
Here’s to another year of fashion trends !!
If these new trends didn’t spark any interest in you, there are so many more worth looking into !! Cargo pants, chunky platform slides and silky sets are popping up as well to name a few more. Give a trend a try !

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