Style for the Holidays : Outfits for your Office Party, Dinner Event & More !!


The Holiday Season is here and that means the Holiday parties are being planned and so should your outfit !! Whether it be a family get together or a work party - each invite will require a different look !! Get inspired by these quick looks for your next party !!

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Office party around the corner? Not sure what to wear ? 

Find and article of clothing that is a statement piece and grow your outfit from that staple piece. A poncho like this can stand out on her own and doesn’t need much more other than a pair of denims and chunky platform boots !! This is a perfectly comfortable outfit for an office event or party that you want to look festive enough but casual and comfortable at the same time. If you're looking for a little more sophistication to your look; a pair of knee high boots could also elevate any skinny jean look easily as well ! Especially if there is pointed toe. You’ll walk into any room and own it in pointed knee high boots. Come on. 

More statement pieces worth looking into : Jumpsuits, faux leather leggings or a suit set.

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Heading to multiple family get together locations this year?

Let’s get real. If there is more than one family party you are attending in a day.. I think It’s safe to say; “Comfort is key”. When you find yourself going from one location to the next with your Holiday dishes and desserts-I think opting for a cute Holiday Knit sweater is the PERFECT plan. Pick out your favorite chunky knit sweater and pair with Black Wide Leg denims. Give your chunky sweater a little French tuck and BOOMLastly, choose a pair of gold statement earrings to complete this look and you have the perfect cozy Holiday look !!

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Invite to a Special Event? Need some Formal Wear Inspiration ?

Getting all dressed up can be a lot of fun when you are excited about your outfit !! Choose a bright color Midi and silky material to stand out in the crowd when headed to a formal event. It’s always a good choice to pick something you will feel most comfortable in for attending formal events; such as Baby Doll dresses with movement or a Shirt Dress to bring your “A Game” in classy !! Pair your best dress with either knee high boots or some classy braided heels with straps.

If standing out in a crowd isn't your thing - opt for a traditional Black dress !! You can never go wrong with a LBD !!

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Time to COZY UP !!

Sometimes the best thing about the Holidays is getting home after running all around town and jumping into your PJ’s !! If you’re planning on staying home for the Holidays- you better be cozy in some butter soft sets !! Who doesn’t like a good set? Joggers are pure comfort and slippers pure joy !! Stay cozy in some cute sets so you can look stylish and comfortable !!

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