So Much More To The Industry : Passion for Fashion

Fashion is everywhere, it’s not just on the run way. 

Fashion is at the gym, it’s at the grocery store, its taking the kids to school. The way you dress can directly impact the way you feel. 2022 Miss Universe Winner R’Bonney Gabriel was quoted saying; 

“I think when people think about fashion, they think about the surface level - beautiful clothes and beautiful people. But there is so much more you can do within the industry.” 

There is so much more to the industry than just the surface, it’s creating a movement for women to express themselves, feel comfortable and confident in their bodies and live out their best life in the BEST version of themselves they can. 

And that’s what Miss Universe stands for. Empowering woman to be the best they can be.

Background :

R’Bonney Gabriel has made history, not once, not twice but THREE TIMES !! On January 14th Houston, Texas native R’Bonney Gabriel was crowned Miss Universe 2022. 

First making history as an Asian American Woman to win the title of Miss Texas and then again for winning Miss USA. 

Preserving and celebrating her culture has always been a priority as cited from Her Father is from the Philippines and her roots are very important to her and a driving force in her passions to pursue her dreams. After earning her Bachelors degree in Fashion Design she has been UNSTOPPABLE..

Let’s take a look at a couple things she has done:

Leaving a smaller carbon footprint :

The fashion industry is one of the leading industries creating waste in landfills and one of Gabriel’s missions is to use excess fabrics and recycle those into new pieces to combat the polluting waste in our landfills. Not only has she done this through her fashion designs, she has also done this through art in her community. Creating a denim mural made from 100% recycled material for an immersive art space in Dallas Texas is just one of the ways she has reduced waste in the fashion industry. Her visions are truly inspiring.


How can you make an impact?

Donate your lightly worn clothes - don’t just throw away 

Spend money on industry conscious brands - do your research

Upcycle your clothes - it can be fun to give something a new look 


Another example :

Taking an old Houston Rockets Sweatshirt and giving it a new spin !! How inspiring to take a basic hoodie and create a whole look with just some needle and thread ! If this inspired you, there are so many free designs and templates for beginners, start your project now !!
If not now, when?

Creating her interview outfit :

Some argue the most important part of the show, is behind those closed doors of the interview with the judges. Behind those doors you are given the chance to show the judges who you truly are and some squander at this daunting task. 

How did Gabriel take on nerve wrecking task? 

Gabriel put her BEST foot forward and did what she she best. DESIGN. Miss Texas designed and created her outfit for the interview with the judges. By staying true to herself, and creating and memorable design she was able to inspire the judges with her passion for fashion and stand out among the rest. 

“I want to be remembered as a very hard working unique woman that really embraced my passion for fashion. I want to be remembered for embracing who I was and really putting my best foot forward, embracing my culture and owning who I am. I hope that inspired everybody, too.” 

Let us all embody the mentality of a hard working unique woman who embraces their passions !!


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