Dress Styles & Fits : Learn What Dress You Like Best

Dress Styles & Fits :Learn What Dress You Like Best 

We all have a preferred dress fit whether we know the name of it or not, we gravitate toward dresses that flatter our figure and make us feel GOOD !!
Do you know what type you always choose? Do you know why you always choose this dress?? Below you will find dress types and styles written to make sense ! Find out what dress fit you love & WHY. 

A-line Dress :

A very popular dress and loved among many body types. The A-line dress is a very flattering fit and typically will flare at the upper hip. The top portion or 'bodice' is snug to the chest and creates an illusion of curves as the hemline flows into the bottom portion of the dress. Wear this type of dress anywhere and everywhere. A very versatile fit !!


Sheath Dress :

The Sheath dress is a sultry dress. Curve hugging and flattering for those looking to show off what their mama gave them !! They most often are pinched at the waistline and will often go to knee or below knee length. Great for showcases whatever gorgeous figure you have, these dresses are great worn with a blazer to add some sophistication to your look !

Straight Dress :

A Straight Dress is a basic and go to kind of dress. The fit on this dress is exactly what is sounds like but can get confused with shift dresses. The Straight Dress falls over your body without hugging curves. This is an easy dress to wear professionally at the office or casually with a pair of sneakers as well. 

Maxi Dress :

Who doesn't like a classic Maxi dress? The perfect dress for ALL seasons and easy to be dressed up or dressed down. The Maxi dress is a floor or ankle length dress and tends to be flowy and made of a great breathable fabric as well. These dresses are closet staples and can be worn in every season and many occasions.

Shift Dress :

A Shift dress is also a great option to have in your closet. Very similar to a sheath dress but will be loose and hang off the body more. A shift dress is often found to be sleeveless and shorter in length. A Shift dress is a great date night dress option to have on hand. A perfect Summer and Spring look !!

Wrap Dress :

Having a more unique fit and style will make you stand out among the rest, and having a Wrap dress will do just that !! A Wrap dress will typically wrap around your body as the name states. The fit will give you a flattering asymmetric look as the fabric wraps around you and will usually hug you at the waist. Most often will have a belt, elastic waist or tie to fasten the wrap.


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