Classic Summer Staples - Timeless Fashion

Do you have your Classic Summer Styles ready to go ?

Have you found yourself going through your closet and thing its about time to get rid of those shorts you've had for a few years now? Maybe you're fresh out of tank tops because your daughter takes them for herself and leaves you with the ones you had before she was even born.. Let's talk Closet Staples for the Summertime so you know exactly what to get this year to freshen up that closet. 
Dresses & Jumpsuits are a fantastic option to have in your closet. When that Summer heat is just a little too much in mid- July and you're looking for an easy and breezy outfit; you will for sure be looking for that dress to throw on. Maxi Dresses are a common and timeless trend that comes back every year. Let's dive in below on two of the most popular Summer dresses.

Cotton : 

Cottons is a breathable fabric for the Summertime. Easy to pair with some sneakers for a cute casual look but also easy to throw on some heels for a formal Summer event as well. 

Rompers :

Rompers are a great option for us gals who can't seem to get the dress thing down. A romper or a jumpsuit can give the illusion of a dress and is still as breathable and care free because you have the security of shorts !! Yay !!


Summer Denim shorts are something you simply can't go without. If you aren't into wearing shorts; no hard feelings - just skip past !! There are so many styles and fits to keep you cool in the Summer heat. From clean hem to distressed, bermudas to short shorts; there is something for everyone !!

Cuffed : 

Cuffed shorts are a common go-to style for denim shorts. They offer a little extra fabric for a distraction from the part we most dislike. Them thighs. Cuffed shorts come in variety of lengths and style. 

Frayed Hem :

The most common pair of Summer shorts are the frayed hem shorts. These shorts are timeless and just about the cutest pair you could have. A frayed hem is playful and fun and perfect with a band tee or whatever Summer top !!

Tank Tops are an obvious staple in your Summer closet. Having a variety of styles can be helpful for different occasions in Summer. Maybe you need a scoop neck tank or a V- neck with a certain layer. Maybe you like having a smooth fabric option and a ribbed fabric option as well !! 


 How to wear and elevated Tank:

  • Oversized with a bralette
  • A front knot
  • Tucked in
  • With a Flannel layer

Don't forget your shades !! Nothing is worse than being outside without those sunglasses on a sunny day in June- am I right? Don't be shy, it's okay to get a few pairs because you know they will break or you might loose them. 


Finding the style for your face shape can be hard sometimes once you find the right style - it will be smooth sailing for you !! Two common styles that are timeless are :

Cat Eye :

A classy style !! This winged frame is so eye catching ( see what I did there ) and is a timeless style. Think Marilyn Monroe in all those old time movies with their head scarfs and movie star sunnies.

Square : 

A large and dramatic pair of square sunglasses are always a fun style !! Feel like Jane Fonda and get yourself some large sunglasses that are sure to keep the Sun out of your eyes. That look won't go out of style anytime soon !!

Don't want to wear a fanny pack? Luckily there are so many more cute styles available that are just as versatile as a fanny pack !! If you are headed to a concert or are always on the go - having a good day bag can truly set you up for success during your Summer chaos !! When you are on the Go all the time, having a bag that is organized and easy to use can be a game changer. Let's look at two easy bags for Summer to wrap it up !!

Bum Bag :

Very similar to a fanny pack. Can be worn around the waist or as a crossbody and are typically smaller in size. These are perfect for a day of hiking, shopping or at a concert.

Sling Bag :

The everyday bag you need to have for Summer. Keeps you organized and easy to take on and off for the on the go Mom !!

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