50 Holiday Gift Ideas : Something for Everyone

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Here is a little Holiday brainstorm to start off your Christmas shopping this year !! We know the Holiday's can be stressful_ we totally get it.. Use this quick list of 50 gift ideas to kick start your Holiday Shopping !! Below are some classic gift ideas that you can't go wrong with !! 
  1. Hello Mello loungewear - This is a reputable company we carry at our local boutique makes a BUTTER SOFT loungewear that you anyone could certainly appreciate !!
  2. Cardigan
  3. Mixologie roller or spray 
  4. Socks - Men & Women can ALWAYS use socks, it's just one of those things you can't stand buying for yourself..
  5. Stickers 
  6. Graphic hoodie
  7. Handmade earrings
  8. Salty Cali Jewelry - A woman owned jewelry business based out of California. Each design is delicately crafted and inspired by the California ascetic.
  9. Puravida bracelet 
  10. Decorative wood signs
  11. Quality denims
  12. Sora products - Choose a gift that gives back !! Sora is a local Midwest company providing purse/wallet weaving jobs to two communities in the Philippines.  
  13. Fashion rings 
  14. Hand warmers
  15. Scarf
  16. Coffee mug
  17. Crossbody purse - This is an increasingly popular gift to give, whether it be a crossbody or a bum bag, purses are always a great go to gift ! It's something that people don't like purchasing for themselves !!
  18. Layering necklace
  19. Slippers 
  20. Shacket
  21. Sunglasses
  22. Kimono 
  23. Denim jacket
  24. Claw clip - Your teens and tweens will LOVE you for these in their stockings !!
  25. Trucker hat
  26. Faux leather pants
  27. Booties
  28. Layering tanks 
  29. Waffle shirts
  30. Cable knit sweater
  31. Holiday scented candles - If it's for your Mom or Sister-in-law, a holiday candle is something that will always bring Holiday cheer !! Try to stick with a candle scent that can carry into the new year - Pine, Winter Wonderland, Peppermint etc.
  32. To go tumbler 
  33. Combat boots
  34. Joggers 
  35. Puffer jacket
  36. Maxi skirt
  37. Birth flower necklace 
  38. Holiday blouse 
  39. Funny coaster - When you are in need of something a little extra; a funny coaster always sets the mood for unwrapping gifts.
  40. Bralette
  41. Headband
  42. Bum bag
  43. Woven mules
  44. Graphic tee
  45. Cold weather hats
  46. Letter necklaces - Layering necklaces are so trendy right now !! A letter necklace can make the perfect gift !! Use the first letter of their spouses name, or their maiden name !! 
  47. LBD
  48. Long coat
  49. Funny dress socks
  50. Corduroy jacket
Christmas Lights Lights GIF - Christmas Lights Lights GIFs
HAPPY SHOPPING - Hope this Holiday brainstorm helped kick start your shopping !!

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